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Owned and operated by the Mack Family for over 20 years.  Come see for yourself why Wally, Kristin and Shawn have no many repeat customers.   
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Welcome to W&L Guide Services

See us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt for trophy black bear, Canadian moose, whitetail deer and timberwolves.

We are an established, full service guide company operating out of Northern Alberta.  Out hunts are taken from lodge and cabin hunt accommodations with our own first class guides, dedicated camp cooks, and very comfortable facilities (yes, including hot showers and internet access!).  While we have all of the details taken care of....we are known for our hunting....specifically the quality and quantity of our game animals.  See why we have so many repeat hunters every year and we are endorsed by Swarovski, Remington, Cabelas, LL Bean and Arrived Outdoors!


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